Thursday, March 12, 2009

Why I blog less, why is this person repeatedly "friending" me, and why would anyone find Wordle useful?

Why, I am blogging less.


Here's why I am blogging less. Several reasons:
  • iPhone - I don't need to get out that bulky laptop to be online (remember when that sleek laptop kept us from having to use our bulky desktops?)
  • The election is over, the hot topic has passed, and the new one, the financial crisis, isn't something I'm qualified to write about - maybe our resident banking expert, Freddy 4th St., can pick up the slack
  • The economy - even though I think I'm pretty secure at work, I have the schizophrenic feeling that I could be fired at any moment. Hence, must prove worth by busting arse.
  • Work - been busy.
Mostly though, it's been the iPhone; and I don't see myself typing out big ol' entries with that contraption.

On to another topic: Facebook.

Why, is this person "friending" me for the third time?

Yes, this is correct.

Why is this person "friending me for the third time? Honestly, I'd like to know, but to do so would probably require accepting the "friend" whom I don't ever actually remember speaking to in my life... the person is a childhood schoolmate with whom I don't ever remember hanging out. It is really strange. Is this some kind of automated request thing? I don't get it.

Finally, something I find completely useless: Wordle.This "work of art" was generated by Wordle based on the content at this blog. I find it to be a piece of shite and not representative of the blog. Nice try, Wordle.

What do you think?

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