Friday, June 12, 2009

Holy Fuck: Look What Chrysler's Done!

Last night I was listening to the radio. The NBA was on, though I didn’t care much. However, a Chrysler ad came one… I should say a “New Chrysler” ad came on and I knew the song playing the background… but couldn’t immediately place it. Turns out it was Holy Fuck’s “Lovely Allen,” which on its own is a nice song fitting for any seeking-to-inspire ad. But my first thought was: If you’re Chrysler, and you sell cars to old people and Michael Scott, how beneficial will it be when your target segment finds out you’ve partnered with what they’ll perceive to be a totally irreverent oxymoron. Actually, the Michael Scott crowd might think the band name rocks. Nevermind.

Quick search showed one other blogger had the same reaction as I did:

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