Monday, July 27, 2009

Things Dads Like, (An ongoing series?).

Dads like Brawny Lads.

My sample pool is small, but distinguished. For my first entry, in what may be an ongoing series on "Things Dads Like," my research comes from only two fathers (mine and my roommates), but the numbers cannot be disputed. According to my research, 100% of dads like Brawny Lads. A Brawny Lad can be found at your local Big Boy chain (in the 'Nati it is Frisch's, but I have also seen Bob's Big Boy elsewhere). I assume the Brawny Lad transcends all Big Boy locations and is not unique to Frisch's.

Why do all dads like Brawny Lads?

Is it the ingredients? Rye bun, hamburger and onion. I can only assume this sandwich was created by a stout Englishman pulling ingredients out of a hat. Well, it worked. I think it's the rye that hooks them, I have only known a dad to like rye bread.

So, when Father’s Day rolls around and you don’t know what to get your dad. Get him a gift card to Big Boy. I’ll even give you a suggestion for what to write in the card:

“Of all the things to get you, dad, I knew you’d love a Brawny Lad.”

(Images: 1. the sandwich; 2. the image that comes up when you google image search “brawny lad.”)

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