Sunday, March 30, 2008

Will you accept this blog?

A few weeks ago 25 girls set out to win the heart of the new British Bachelor; 24 of which will have their heart's broken by a man they have known for less than 2 weeks in a superficial environment. Why do I love this show?
Everyone has their favorites when it comes to reality TV (unless you hate it, which makes you dead to me). Mine is the one whose key demographic is women 20-40. For a 27 year old male, that can be embarrassing. As I begin my journey to hopefully becoming the resident Tricky Trail Times primetime (I rarely stoop to the level of VH1 or MTV, except for The Hills) reality TV analyst, I will start with what I know best.....The Bachelor. Check back for an in depth analysis of the last two seasons of the Bachelor and my Bachelor Fantasy league.

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