Monday, May 4, 2009

Filipinos set to take over the U.K.

In what was perhaps the most amazing display of ferocity I have ever witnessed in a boxing ring; Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao gobbled up Ricky "The Hitman" Hatton at the MGM Grand in Vegas on Saturday night. This was Hatton, supposedly at the top of his game, taking on the so-called "Pound for pound best fighter in the world." Well folks, I am here to tell you -- it's true. If there's a fighter on the planet who can beat Pacquaio, I'd sure like to meet him.

.Hatton taking a nap
.Pacquiao came out and knocked Hatton down twice in the first round, with a furious attack. Hatton was lucky to make it to his corner -- where a smiling Floyd Mayweather Sr. greeted him. It appeared Hatton might have some life in him fpr the second round after all, but Pacquiao leveled him with an overhand left to the jaw that was so brutal, so shocking, it sent Hatton to the canvas like the family Christmas tree being chopped down by the Griswolds. I looked at one of my buddies and said, "He just fucking killed him. Check his pulse. He's dead." Hatton was out cold for at least two to three minutes and at one point, had to be laid on his side so he could breathe properly. I love pugilism.

I have been an avid boxing fan since the early to mid-80s; following the incredible middleweight division with Sugar Ray, Marvelous Marvin and Thomas Hearns. My friends and I would regularly get together and rent pay per views when Tyson was smashing faces in during the late 80s. Even through boxing's lean times, I have remained a fan and continued to support it, while Don King has singlehandedly ruined the great sport. But, there's no greater spectacle than boxing, as it regularly brings out all the Hollywood types -- see photo: PDiddy, JayZ and British dude who hosted the MTV music awards.

Hatton's fiance, Jennifer Dooley (left in red), who is surpisingly hot for a Brit, wept uncontrollably as they brought Hatton's body bag out. I guess it was a bit inappropriate to read him his last rights in the ring. Not only did Dooley weep, but the 15,000 or so Brits in attendance, wept as well. They played their drums and sang mightily, but that only lasted about 6 minutes -- the time in which it took Pacman to finish off Hatton. It must really suck to wear your best prom dress to a fight and then have your makeup run down your face.

Chelsea winger Joe Cole (left), looked to be feeling quite well at the fight on Saturday night. He's been out of the Premiership lineup, as of late, but it looks like he's found a little tart to help him stay fit. Good for him.

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