Wednesday, May 20, 2009

What’s Crappening Cincinnati – Volume 3 – Baseball Style

Naïve Reds catcher, Ryan Hanigan, mysteriously filled his locker with Charmin Ultra Soft before the season began. “I came into this season hoping to be the Reds starting catcher,” explains Hanigan, “but when I heard Hernandez was signed I ran to the grocery store immediately.” Confused? Hanigan apparently took being named the Reds’ “number two catcher” too literally. “When Dusty told me I was going to be the ‘#2 catcher,’ I figured I’d be in for quite a messy season,” Hanigan, seen here chasing down a foul number 2 with TP in hand, tells the TTT. “Now that I know he just meant “backup catcher” I feel like a bit of a boob.”

(I must give credit for this article to my roommate, who stated, while I was watching Reds Live, “Number 2 catcher? That sounds like a terrible job.”)

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