Saturday, May 3, 2008

Bengals' Rookie Camp is a Hit (but not a punch).

I am happy to report that it has been weeks since a Cincinnati Bengal has punched a woman. Bengals rookies reported this weekend and, as of now, not a single (or married) woman has been injured. Before you dismiss this weekend's success as "just one weekend," you must know how tough it was for the rookies to hold back. Eager to fit in with the rest of the team, many rookies were seen practicing their technique on female mannequins at the downtown Macy's earlier in the week. And as the Flying Pig Marathon ran by the Bengals' practice fields this morning you have to imagine that a few players were tempted to leave the friendly confines of the fields to get their hands (or fists) on one of those uppity female marathon runners. Bengals rookie Jay Peck, seen here practicing a sucker punch, was one of the few that felt the urge, but somehow found a way to hold back. Coach Lewis has given every player a football to carry for the entire season hoping that when they do get around to punching a girl, and you know they will, they can at least try to pawn it off as a stiff-arm.

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