Thursday, May 29, 2008

Fox Sports Net Cincinnati Exchange

Tonight, heading into the top of the fourth inning of the Reds v Pirates, George Grande and Jeff Brantley had this exchange after the camera gave them a shot of the Roebling Suspension bridge pictured here.

George Grande: There is a nice shot of the Roebling Bridge.
Jeff Brantley: What's that word you called it?
GG: Roebling.
JB: Is that a special word for "blue?" I always just called it the blue bridge.
GG: No, it was architected by the name Roebling.

Really? "Architected by the name?" George Grande is easily my least favorite announcer ever. Luckily Brantley's 1.2 food references per inning average gets me through the game.

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Nani J. Cootsack said...

brantley's doing TV? i wish they'd put him back on radio.