Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Best Case for Why Our Fantasy Football League Should Have Been Named, "Marvin Harrison's Rifle Brigade."

This passage from this article:

When police paid a follow-up visit to Chuckie's, they found Harrison sitting in a beach chair near a cardboard cutout of himself in a Colts uniform. They asked if there were any guns on the premises, and to their surprise Harrison lifted the leg of his jeans to reveal a registered .22-caliber handgun strapped to his ankle. Soon after, a man whom Harrison called his stepfather handed over the Belgian pistol, fully loaded.

While the calm raising of the leg of his jeans to reveal his piece certainly captures the cool, gangsta factor, what really gets me is that Harrison pulls off this "Joe Cool" routine while sitting in a beach chair next to a cardboard cut out of himself in uniform. How surreal is that?

Ask any cop when was the last time he approached a suspect for questioning only to find the suspect relaxing next to a lifesized, cardboard-backed picture of himself. My guess: not anytime in the recent past.

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