Friday, January 30, 2009

Defenseless "End" [Alternate Headline: Please, Do Call Me "Shirley"]

According to Bengals Head Coach Marvin Lewis' latest interview with C. Trent Rosecrans, Bengals' defensive lineman Jason Shirley may have a rather enormous anus:
"Fifth round was (Jason) Shirley, not as much as we’d hoped to get but I think he now understands what NFL football is...;" "...Mike Zimmer and Jay climbed up his butt every day, every week. He understands what’s ahead for him and he’s got to have a great off-season. Maybe we hit a home run there. That would be big."
Damn, that would be "big," Marvin, especially with with Zimmer and the Jay fellow making it all the way to home with Shirley, "every day, every week." I mean, that's more than a homerun, that's like the homerun title. Henceforth, I might describe Shirley, who wears a face-shield to hide embarrassing grimaces from Coach Zimmer's training techniques, as, say, cavernous.

Shirley, right, is seen adjusting his pants after "Jay" had just showed him a "stunt."

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