Thursday, April 30, 2009

For the record, Arlen Specter's cancer photo is the 3rd result in a Google Image search...

The Enquirer reported today that Hamilton County Republican Party Chairman Alex Triantafilou, all in a tizzy over Arlen Specter's big party switch, made fun of Specter's lack of hair in a photo, comparing him to Dr. Evil from Austin Powers. Why was Specter bald? Because he was undergoing chemotherapy as part of cancer treatment. Here's the blog entry in question (right).

Triantafilou, typical of the hopefully-dying breed of insensitive GOP ding-dongs, defended himself by saying he just did a "Google photo" search (not sure who calls it "Google photo" search anyway), and that the bald image of Specter was the just the first image that popped up.

Interesting, because when I do a Google "photo" search, it's the third one that pops up. Oooooh, burn!Just another case of GOP ding-dongs trying to invent shit.

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