Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A Local Reacts to Clear Channel Cuts...

Northern Kentucky resident and rock 'n' roll music aficionado BillyOceans11 had this reaction to the Clear Channel cuts
OK.....I was never a big Alan Cutler fan on 1530am but driving into work today and listening to some nationally syndicated show was the absolute worst. I know we are not the only market to take the Clear Channel hit on the chin, but seriously......we need local sports talk in this area, not Jim Rome.
So Alan Cutler is gone, Ctrent is gone (never had his show, but his blog was freaking awesome, Mo Egger is demoted to a fill in, and Lance McCallister's show changes depending on if the Reds have a day game or a night game.
For the record, I f'n hate the NBA and nothing will make me change the channel faster than hearing about pro basketball.
Hang in there Billy.

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