Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Above and Beyond the Call of Parenting Duty

Every parent wants their child to succeed. Many parents go to great lengths and make tremendous sacrifices to ensure that their child has every opportunity to reach his or her goals.

We rightly applaud and celebrate those parents.

Which brings us to Duyanna Anderson of Cincinnati, Ohio. Ap-PARENT-ly, Ms. Anderson was so dedicated to seeing her 12-year-old daughter succeed in street fighting, back alley brawling, and general thuggery, that she allegedly held down her daughter's opponent in a fight, while her daughter applied a beat-down.

Well, at least her heart's in the right place; it was just a little misguided parenting, that's all.

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Anonymous said...

On Tuesday, June 17th, 12-year old Toniesha Berry broke into the home of Avondale resident, Duyanna Anderson, to attack her 11 year old daughter. Ms. Anderson was on her way home from work at the time the break-in took place. This is the second time Toniesha Berry has forcibly entered Ms. Anderson's residence. When the initial incident occurred, mid-May, Ms. Anderson called the police who responded to the break-in. At the time the incident was documented however the statement of the responding officer was "kids are going to fight...". Despite conversations between both sets of parents, 12-year old Toniesha Berry continued to harass and threaten the daughter of Ms. Anderson, ultimately resulting in another break-in this past Tuesday.

Upon arriving at the scene where Ms. Anderson's daughter was forced to defend herself, Ms. Anderson broke up the fight between the two young girls, without using excessive force. Although resulting in arrest and a misdemeanor charge of assault on a minor, based solely on the accusations of this 12-year old girl and her parents. While Ms. Anderson's daughter has retained injuries to her face and head, Toniesha Berry with the cooperation of her parents now tells a different story, well several different stories to be clear; none of which are the same and all of which are falsified in an attempt to keep herself clear of juvenile charges for breaking & entering.

A lawyer for Anderson quite correctly said his client was trying to break up a fight between the girls, not join in.

It is further believed that shortly after Ms. Anderson was joined by her family in court on the morning of June 18 someone from the Berry family broke into the Anderson home AGAIN and ransacked the entire apartment stealing anything of value; detectives are now involved.