Monday, June 23, 2008

Kobe Declares Self Undefeated in Championships (of Jumping Cars)

Some Carpark, Los Angeles - Kobe Bryant held a press conference today calling out all automobiles of all makes and axles, challenging them the and their sissy drivers to come out of hiding and meet him in a parking lot anytime, anyplace, so long as there would be enough advance notice for CGI technicians to get set up before the main event.

Said Kobe, "My career as a spokesman for high-tops has never reached a higher pinnacle and I just want to push for more unparalleled success, to a point where all my critics shut there pie holes, shortly after marveling at my life and stating emphatically, 'Now that was a man who could be on the Youtube.'"

Kobe, before leaving the conference, announced that his next Youtube jump would be entirely wreckless and would incorporate jumping bail after being booked for any future sex offenses, if any would happen to come up, that is.

Nani J. Cootsack for Tricky Trail Sports

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