Wednesday, June 18, 2008

"You Either Are or You Aren't; and He Aren't."

You gotta love Matt Taibbi. He sometimes struggles to bridge two competing subjects (as here - the link between McCain's transformation from "maverick" to "Republican party stooge," and his time as a POW - which could be more easily explained as a generational perception problem between those who lived through the Vietnam era and those of us who didn't). But he more or less nails it. And who else could have you laughing your ass off over politics?

Money quote:

The reality is that the once independent-thinking McCain has
by now completely remade himself into a prototypical, dumbed-down Republican
Party stooge — one who plans to rely on the same GOP strategy that has been
winning elections ever since Pat Buchanan and Dick Nixon cooked up a plan for
cleaving the South back in 1968. Rather than serving up the "straight talk" he
promises, McCain is enthusiastically jumping aboard with every low-rent,
fearmongering, cock-sucking presidential aspirant who's ever traveled the Lee
Atwater/William Safire highway.

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