Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The Pathological Copy/Paster

Well played, Segal, NYC Hacks, or long-lost pal of the Road Warrior, but your masquerade is revealed.
It's going to take some slick cornholing to get you out of this one. On July 8 of this year you said this, and on August 1, 2006, Mel Gibson said this:
More than a fraud, you are a pathological copy/paster and one who finds inspiration in perhaps the most diabolical copy/paster of them all, Mel Gibson, whose 2004 "The Passion of the Christ" was essentially copy/pasted verbatim from the Bible, or the New Testament, as we Gentiles call it.

Gibson's story of Jesus' crucifixion, much like your copy/pasting of his heartfelt apology above, was nothing short of an exact replica of how things went down in the Roman province. I believe it was in the Gospel of John, where the Sanhedrin are described to have rotting yellow teeth, a lack of oral hygiene which Gibson copy/pasted in much contrast to every other character in the film; in addition, it may have been in one of Paul's epistles that the angel of death was written to be traipsing about behind the Jews who called for Jesus' execution - Gibson basically Xeroxed the Good Book here.

Beyond copy/pasting from factual history, Gibson, himself like you, is not immune to copy/pasting from his contemporaries, or, in this case, a former contemporary. Just see these juxtaposed righteous beards:
Whatever the case, Segal, the jig is up, and, as penance for mocking the sincere efforts of Herr Gibson to make amends with Jewish community, bi-laws in the Tricky Trail Code call upon you to adopt the moniker that has found genesis through this purportedly-innocent mistake of posting to the "wrong blog."

From now on, you shall be called: The Pathological Copy/Paster, or something similar as you see fit.

Also note: the only word you didn't copy/paste, "blogosphere," you spelled incorrectly as "blogasphere." I Googled that misspelling and found some seriously dumb-ass blogs. Maybe you'd like to post at one of them. (Also, at first I thought you were talking about Conway Bangs' mom's famed site, big-ass-sphere.ru, but I was mistaken [Conway, read about your mom here])

I copy/paste Conway when I say,

"Stay Tricky"

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