Monday, July 7, 2008

That's Kind of Like, You Know.... Fuzzy McMath

Here's a good response to all of those "Barack-Obama-Is-Going-To-Raise-Your-Taxes-Until-We-Are-All-Poor-And-Until-He-Personally-Ruins-Your-Life" arguments making the rounds on the internets.

To those sending and/or reading those viral email smears, I give you: John McCain, Liar.

Money Quote:

So far, I have argued as though I thought McCain was actually serious about balancing the budget. I was taking him at his word, and giving him the benefit of the doubt. But I do not see how it's possible to even begin to work through his various proposals and think that he is. I suspect that he doesn't fully understand many of his proposals, and so might well be unaware of exactly how big a hole he's planning to blow in the deficit, ad how unlikely it is that he will be able to plug it by the means he's specified. But I don't think that even he can actually believe that he can make up $695 billion by cutting earmarks and "reforming" Social Security.

And how have those Republican-manufactured budget deficits been working out for us lately, anyway?

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