Friday, April 4, 2008

Some Fascinating Commercials during FSN Cincinnati Reds Broadcast


Something tells me that doesn't advertise during Yankees games. Maybe during Royals games, maybe even Cardinals games, because you see, as indicated in their tagline, "city folk just don't get it!"

As founder Jerry Miller puts it, You don't have to be a farmer, but you do have to have good old-fashioned down to earth values." That sounds like code for something. I'm not sure what though.

2. Bronson Arroyo Rockin' Out for J.T.M. Hamburgers
I tried to find a clip of Arroyo's acoustic jam with hair flowing like he was in Tesla, but what I found was this, totally worth the :52 of your life. (seriously, I searched " jtm bronson arroyo and this is what I - Rubber Band Girl; don't worry, it's safe, sort of)

Just add Chris Welsh, cheeseburgers and cheeserock to this photo and you can imagine the JTM spot.

3. Americheer - Seriously, a cheering competition promoted during baseball? What beer gut old fart on his couch gulping some Hudy Delight is gonna be interested in a gaggle of young, fit, tender... actually this makes perfect sense. Nevermind.

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