Monday, April 7, 2008

Trade Decreases Cincinnati's Unintentional Humor Level

Former Red, John Coutlangus, reacts to a "goosing"
by then-manager, Jerry Narron.

Uh oh. Has the fire-sale already begun?

Today the Reds traded left-handed reliever, Jon Coutlangus, widely believed to be the first MLB player whose name sounds a lot like "cunnelingus." In return, the Reds obtained single-A outfielder, Daniel Perales, whose name merely sounds like "paralysis."

Most pro scouts descrbe Perales as, "Who???" The Reds will also receive three trinkets to be named later, likely to include a charm braclet, a popcorn scratch-and-sniff sticker, and a My Little Pony.

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Toppy said...

What a shocker, I was as surprised as anyone when I heard the news.