Friday, April 4, 2008

Top 5 Meaningless Bits of Vocalized Air from George Grande and Chris Welsh on 4/4

To learn more about famed Reds TV broadcaster George Grande, you might like to visit his Myspace site, or read his ostensibly accurate biography.

5. Chris Welsh listed about a 1,000 reasons why Pat Burrell runs the bases with his gloves in-hand; chief among them was that Burrell would prevent "chipping a nail."

4. To paraphrase Grande and Welsh describing Chase Utley, after his 2nd homer, "he's a gamer, a grinder; strong forearms, strong hands." I'm pretty sure the guys would love to have him up to the booth.

3. "Message sent, message delivered." Grande bestowed this poetry upon Reds fans after Javier Valentin laced a double down the right field line.

2. Color-commentator, and Grande booth partner, Chris Welsh actually compared a fan along the right field line, who was hit in the belly with a foul ball in a meaningless game, to Steve Bartman of Chicago Cubs lore. What?

1. George called Reds' 3rd Base Coach, Mark Berry, "The Bear." Three questions:
a. Has Mark Berry ever been called "The Bear" in his life?
b. Has Mark Berry ever spoken to George Grande?
c. Does George Grand know that my brother's nickname is "The Bear?"

Honorable Mention: "Hi, Hello, and Welcome," the trademark greeting with which Grande introduces all broadcasts. Also, late in the game, Grande lyricized about rising star Johnny Cueto: "Therrrrrrre's Johnny. Johnny looks good, Johnny B. Good, Johnny pitched good yesterday."


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