Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Area Man Touched by Onion Article about Tennis Ball

A suburban-Atlanta man chuckled at The Onion headline, "Tennis Ball Brought On Trip," today, fondly recalling the several times that he, himself, had elected to toss a tennis ball, which had been just loitering about in his garage, into the back of his parents' van, ready to embark on a several-hour trip to the beach.

Upon reading article itself, Nani J. Cootsack warmly remembered the times that he had in fact used the tennis ball - tossing it on Myrtle Beach in the late 1980s or early 1990s with Freddy 4th Street or Conway Bangs.

Much later in life, in 1994, and back at Myrtle Beach, the tennis ball had been sadly neglected, left to rot in the trunk or hotel room while The Nani, Hot Rod, Billy Oceans 11, Jackie the Nose, and Sir Bangs, had righteously replaced it with babes and booze; by booze Nani refers to cases-upon-cases of Zima... and by babes, Nani refers to Conway and Jackie's friends from Marietta, Ohio, who were capable of slithering under doorways.

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Rodney "Hot Rod" Lincoln said...

As I recall from that fateful 1994 trip, the tennis ball was replaced by a can of Coke(TM) that Jackie the Nose tossed into Conway Bangs' back.... Conway hasn't spoken another word about Jackie's sister since.