Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Hey Bengals Ownership, Want to Begin to Right the Ship?

Sign the guy who is willing to stomp on the helmet-less heads of offensive linemen. He'll be a free agent after the season.

Which reminds me of the classic sports brief from The Onion from October 2006:
NASHVILLE, TN—Defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth, suspended five games by the NFL for stomping on the head and kicking the face of Cowboys center Andre Gurode last Sunday, issued a statement this morning saying he "just wanted to make absolutely sure [Gurode] was dead for good." "The Titans pay me to do one thing out there—kill anyone who gets in my way," said Haynesworth, who is serving the longest suspension for on-field actions in league history for his attempted murder. "Doing a thorough job is just good fundamentals… On your first day of high-school ball, they tell you football's no more than blocking, tackling, and bodily assault with the intent to commit homicide." League officials have suggested that Haynesworth's suspension also include anger-management therapy and a refresher course in the rules and principles of football.
Mike Brown, sign this man and Freddy 4th Street and friends might just renew their Bengals tickets.

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