Tuesday, December 2, 2008

More Hypocrisy

Mormons and Christians unite against gay marriage!

(...and PS: Don't let those skeletons in your closet [pun intended] stop you!)

It's ironic that the coalition to define marriage in California as the union between "one man and one woman" was anchored by a church whose founder claimed 33 wives. It's also ironic that the coalition — which framed Prop 8 as a fight to protect California's children — was quietly knit together by the Catholic archbishop of San Francisco, who once excused the molestation of children at the hands of a pedophile priest as mere "horseplay."

Hey, wait a minute! That's not irony. Alanis Morissette taught me that irony was rain on your wedding day. Nope, that's rank hypocrisy.

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