Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Ocho Cinco Ain't Got Sh*t on Stylez White...

Tip of my hat goes to "The Lon," who's out there somewhere monitoring The Sporting Blog:

'Teen Wolf' Inspires Bucs DE to Change Name

Before the season, Chad Johnson officially changed his name to some sort of Spanglish representation of the number he wears on Sundays. That was funny. This is much, much funnier:
[Bucs defensive end Greg White] is planning to change his name.

By the time the year is out, White will officially be known as Stylez G. White instead of just Greg White. Why?

"You can always remember Stylez White," White said. "Greg White, nobody knows Greg White."

That’s a good point. The name Greg White rings no bells for me. But Stylez G. White? That’s unforgettable. The best part of the whole thing is White’s inspiration: Teen Wolf. Jerry Levine plays a character in the film named Rupert “Stiles” Stilinski, who is Scott Howard’s (Michael J. Fox) best friend. The only way White could make this more outstanding would be to show up to the Bucs' next game wearing a “what are you looking at d---nose” t-shirt with some teal jeans.
Now, if only one Patrick Patterson of the Kentucky Wildcats would change his name to Chubby, and Jodie Meeks to Teen Wolf, then the 'Cats might stand a chance of making the NCAA tournament.

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