Friday, December 19, 2008

The Sarah Palin Files, Pt. 73

The Christmas season is upon us, and so too is the spirit of giving. There is one gift that just keeps on giving. And giving. And giving. And she is in the news again today: Sarah Palin.

It turns out that her baby's baby-daddy's mama (that would be the mother of Bristol's impregnator, Levi Johnston), got arrested on drug charges in Wasilla, a small town that continues to live up to its title as the meth capital of Alaska.

Sadly, there is nothing remarkable about this story in a vacuum. If you look hard enough, in any town or city in America, you can find a scenario like this playing out - teenage pregnancies, high school drop-outs, drug trafficking charges all within the same family, and sometimes even connected to a local family of some prominence. It never ceases to amaze me, however, that millions of Americans voted in favor of having this all-too-familiar redneck drama play out one heartbeat away from the oval office. And, on the ticket purporting to represent "traditional family values" no less. I mean, for Pete's sake, you can find a better example of "traditional family values" watching The Osbournes.

I never realized that this was the sort of thing to be celebrated. What's next? Republican-sponsored programs to increase teen pregnancy and family drug trafficking? Step right up and emulate the Republicans' would-be Second Family!!

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