Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Bakery Refuses 3-Year Old Birthday Cake...

...because his parents insisted they write the boy's name on the cake, his name being Adolf Hitler Campbell. Taken from an email I wrote to a friend:

Those parents are deranged… this goes back to the comedian who once pointed out that you need a license to fish, to drive, to vote, to travel, but not to raise a child.

I think there was a spelling mistake in “Hinler,” which was probably meant to read “Himmler,” as in Heinrich Himmler. Also, “Aryan Nation” is not quite right either… The title for the actual group is “Aryan Nations” and people who use the singular are not familiar with that movement; not sure whether this was a mistake by the media or by the parents, though, either way, I have a feeling that these parents are illiterate, or damn close.

I also liked the “some of the kids at the party were mixed race” comment. Their definition of mixed race is a bit different sometimes; like, they probably had over some Scots, Poles or Italians.

Maybe one of the TTT's resident legal experts can weigh in on any government ability to change the boy's name before he gets to gradeschool?

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