Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Gosh Darn-It! What a Surprise! Sean Hannity Provided Soapbox for Anti-Semite to Call Obama a Muslim

Thanks to the Smoking Gun for pointing out that the origin of the "Obama is a Muslim" smear campaign was none other than storied anti-Semite, Andy Martin. Money quote:
Martin's sleazy background has gained renewed attention in light of his appearance this month in a Sean Hannity-hosted Fox News documentary about Obama. During that October 5 program, Martin claimed that the Democratic presidential candidate was once "in training for radical overthrow of the government." Martin offered no proof for this claim, nor was any sought by Hannity, who identified Martin as an "Internet journalist." Nor did Fox mention the kooky Martin's history of anti-Semitic statements or his arrest record
Mr. Martin is pictured below with a face only multiple judges and arresting officers, and Sean Hannity, could love.

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