Monday, October 27, 2008

Name/Location Change

Please allow me to introduce name is Fourth Street, fka Freddy College Park. With a new residence comes a new identity. I have officially moved to downtown 'nati. City living is quite nice so far except for incompetent construction workers causing "poo-ey" water to flow into a bathroom and hallway and spending a week plus calling Directv to install my satellite dish, which turned out to be too large for my balcony. I was under the impression that advances in technology led to electronics coming in smaller packages. Apparently they wanted to install a Bo Diaz type dish on my balcony. Any time you are in the 'nati, especially at Tina's across the street, don't forget to call or stop by and see old Freddy Fourth Street. (If you listen close enough to the video you can hear me discussing next year's first round draft pick with Nani).
-F4ST out


Andy said...

Update: Cable is up and running. Internet works. Mailboxes are in. Pumpkins are carved.

Poopy water under floorboards remains.

Who's the manservant putting away the dishes at the end of the video?


I was wondering that too? Where can I buy one of those?