Monday, October 27, 2008

Vote Antichrist

As part of the Guardian Online coverage of the US election, reporter Ed Pilkington went to a Missouri Ethanol plant to research a story on the differences between Obama and McCains alternate fuel plans. He ended up finding a different story.

Sometimes the most revealing insights strike at the most unexpected moments, jolting you out of the reality you thought you were in and transporting you somewhere else entirely. For instance, when reporting a story on the political differences between Barack Obama and John McCain over ethanol as an alternative fuel, you don't expect to be confronted with details of a plot by the devil to take over the White House.

I had hopped on to the GuardianFilms bus as it made its way across the US. We were joining forces to make a film about the ethanol issue, which has earned Obama the criticism of environmentalists because of his support for the controversial corn-based variety of the fuel that has helped to drive up world food prices.

We stopped at an ethanol plant in Craig, Missouri, where we were greeted by the general manager, Roger Hill, and shown around the plant. He said something odd early on in our tour, responding to the news that I was British by commenting on how Muslims had become dominant in my country. I only half heard his remark, and let it go; we were here to talk about ethanol.

Later though, he brought up the subject again, when I suggested to him that as an ethanol manufacturer he must logically back Obama over McCain, who has openly criticised federal subsidies of the fuel. That's when he invoked Revelations, chapter 13. If you lack instant recall of the contents of Revelations 13, as I have to admit I did, it's the bit in the Bible where the beast rears his ugly head, or rather many heads, and reveals the mark on his right hand or forehead: 666.

Yes, Hill was likening Obama to the devil, with Revelations 13 as the proof. Which gave me pause. I've heard many, many people tell me that Obama is a Muslim, but I'd never quite heard him compared to Satan.

Back at the hotel we looked into it, and were surprised to find that the Obama-as-devil conspiracy theory is rife on the internet. Tap in Obama and Revelations 13 into Google and 904,000 entries come up. This is insidious stuff. And it jumps out at you when you least expect it. Even in an ethanol plant in the Great Plains.

I think what makes this even more sickening is that this isn't just some Hillbilly he's speaking to, the man is in charge of the entire plant........some where along the road his employers have promoted him up the ladder, giving him more and more responsibility, trusting him to make decision on the safety and welfare of his employees.

To see the video accompanying the story follow this link.

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