Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Sarah Palin Files, Pt. 61

This crap about Sarah Palin saying that she thinks that the role of the Vice President is to be "in charge" (her words) of the U.S. Senate was obviously ludicrous, and deeply disturbing. After all, in July of this year, she asked (rhetorically we all had hoped) if someone could tell her just what it is that the "V.P." does.

Then, two weeks from the election, we find out the ugly truth: that for all her skill in delivering sarcastic zingers and in slash-and-burn politics, she has no idea what is involved in occupying the office for which she is running.


But for all Palin has done to divide the United States into its various tribes (the pro- and anti-America camps [how's that working out for you, Rep. Bachman (R-MN)]), Palin's latest "PDI" (Public Display of Ignorance) produced one bipartisan moment.

Yes, I actually felt sorry for Republican flack, Nancy Pfotenhauer (I pronounce that, "Puff-n-huffer") when she appeared on Hardball last night.

God, it was brutal - BRUTAL. Matthews was right though - defending Palin's remarks is next to impossible. Watch and cringe:

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