Wednesday, October 15, 2008

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Candidates hit back on Web attacks

You've probably heard the rumors: "Barack Obama is a Muslim." "John McCain confessed to being a war criminal." The false rumors, spread by the Internet, have been forcefully and quickly refuted by both campaigns. Analysts say that's the best way to deal with the lies -- but that some rumors are so vague it's almost impossible to shoot them down. full story

This was the top story at the TTT on Friday, beating CNN by 5 Days!

Non-Partisan PSA from the TTT

Hi Folks,

I've received a number of email hoaxes that contain false information about each candidate (i.e. McCain declared himself a war criminal on 60 Minutes/Obama's college tuition was paid for by terrorists) and their running mates. Some have been sent with the sender truly believing the fodder within; some have been sent asking for clarity.

So, in a proactive attempt to clarify this political race and help people of all parties vote based on the issues at stake rather than the manufactured hoaxes that seem ubiquitous these days, I have pasted four links below to searches I conducted on, a leading, and non-partisan, authority in the debunking of hoaxes and urban legends.

I encourage you to check there any time you get something that seems like its trying to drum up fear or casting disparaging characterizations about either candidate. This site has been keeping America sane for several years now, generally on things that don't normally include politics.

On Obama (76)

On McCain (47)

C'mon, CNN, get on the ball. The least you could do is tune into the TTT a bit more often for a jump on the stories Americans really want to know.

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