Monday, October 27, 2008

The Sarah Palin Files, Pt. 63


Palin knows nothing, understands even less, and most depressingly she does not seem interested in learning anything. Even in prepared speeches, when she ostensibly has had the time to read and reflect on what she's going to say, she says the most boneheaded things (is it possible that any educated person in her 40s, in 2008, who's gone to college, or even reads a newsmagazine or a newspaper now and then, would not know the importance of fruit flies in basic genetic research?). What's worse Palin is so self-righteous about her own ignorance.

- Commenter, Aris-Akritas, in response to the (believe it or not) non-ironic article, Sarah Palin's A Brainiac on The Daily Beast.

Yeah, I know, do your best to stifle your laughter at that one.

The article in question was written by someone named Elaine Lafferty, a self-identified "Democrat," and self-proclaimed "feminist."

Her argument is basically this: Critics of Palin don't really know Palin (OK, fair enough), and once you get to know her, you see she's actually got the skills to function as well as anyone with an IQ above 80. And for examples of just how smart she is, look at ........ uh, well........ Well, says Lafferty, just trust me - after all, I'm a Democrat and a feminist, so I wouldn't vouch for Palin's intelligence if it was not true.

That's the argument.

Oh, did I mention that Elaine Lafferty is a paid staff member of .... wait for it ... the John McCain campaign? Yep. She is. Don't suppose that's coloring her view of Sarah Palin at all.

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