Thursday, October 30, 2008

What would Jesus do?

So, the mother-in-law called last night. She was upset by a phone call she had just received from her sister. She had called to urge her to vote for McCain. Apparently while the mother-in-law spent the weekend at the O'Toole's, spending time with her new grand daughter, Baby O'Toole, she missed the preacher at her church urge the congregation to vote for McCain. His reasons......not the failing economy, not the war, but because Republicans display better morals than democrats. He basically then went on to argue "it's what Jesus would do!". Over the past few weeks, using the candidates positions on issues and issues that the mother in law felt were important to her, we had shown her Obama spoke for most of her issues. However she hadn't expected Jesus to endorse McCain. So now she is confused and upset at the prospect of being struck down as she places a vote for the anti-Christ.
Remember...... November 4th, don't vote on policy, the state of the nation, or the war. Just know that any vote for anyone other than McCain is a sin. You are morally redundant and should be ashamed of yourself. When you die you will burn in HELL!!!

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