Monday, October 20, 2008

The Sarah Palin Files, Pt. 58

Ezra Klein on Palin's SNL performance:

I think it's safe to call it underwhelming. Not that Palin did a bad job, In the 35 seconds she spent on-screen, she did just fine. But the show kept her in a tight box. They let her use the platform to signal that she's a good sport, but not rehabilitate her image. It wasn't like what they did with Hillary Clinton earlier in the year. And that's presumably because Tina Fey and others on the show really loathe Palin -- as Tina Fey has said -- and didn't want to use the program to help her out. Under those circumstances, it would have been better for Palin if she'd avoided the program entirely so she could retain some purity in her attacks on the liberal media. As it is, it looks a bit absurd to be breathing fire against them at rallies and begging them for party invites on weekends.

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