Monday, October 6, 2008

And the Winner Is…

After much debating and researching and soul searching Jackie the Nose has decided to endorse Barak Obama for President. I still have some concerns about his ability to govern given the serious economic turmoil and Russia’s desire to expand their empire. But it’s time to rid ourselves of the GOP economical farce of trickle down economics. The American economy will only be as strong as the middle class and Obama stands as the best chance to make that happen. I hope he revisits some of our trade policies that have resulted in our jobs being shipped over seas and in return we get crap laced with hazardous materials. It’s bullshit that the American worker has to compete against workers in countries with next to no environmental and labor laws.

But again, I have some reservations… Especially with the Dems controlling the Senate and the House, watch out could be some serious liberal policies rolling in. But then again those conservative policies haven’t exactly worked out too nicely.

I saw this ad on a conservative website. It’s sad but true so I cross my fingers that Obama can exercise a little restraint in monstrous government programs. Because, this is our national deficit.

I’m not an economist but that can’t be good. Quite honestly it’s a little embarrassing. But I am given hope that Clinton was able to create a budget surplus. Maybe Obama can do the same.


Nani J. Cootsack said...

Bravo, Jackie! If only more voters actually cared to research the candidates, I am pretty certain that more would come to a similar conclusion.

Rodney "Hot Rod" Lincoln said...

This is welcome news. You know the old saying: "As Jackie the Nose goes, so goes Pennsylvania." True Dat.