Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Can you imagine if there'd been more town hall debates?

It's strange that the town hall format is McCain's favorite. It's not that he was God-awful, but Obama was so much better.

Where Obama was eloquent, McCain stumbled through an oft-repeated mantra from his hero Teddy Roosevelt.

Where Obama postured coolly and calmly on his chair and his gate flowed across the floor, McCain looked too small for his suit when hunched in that chair and he seemed fidgety when toddling back and forth. Once when McCain got out of his seat and approached Brokaw, his sneering laugh and ridged walk made him seem, for a moment, like a mummy slowly pacing toward its victim.

Where Obama kept a constant, steady pace with his answers, about midway through, McCain seemed to lose confidence; I think I could actually hear him panting. While McCain finished somewhat strong on foreign policy (I still think he's Georgian or something), he did not have good stamina throughout the night.

On healthcare, where Obama related to the middle class by describing middle class situations, without coming off condescending, McCain somehow managed to talk about the hair transplant procedure he could use.

On criticizing the other, Obama successfully drove home the idea of McCain being in bed with Bush, while McCain's big swing labeled Obama "That One," which quickly turned McCain into a sniveling, old "you kids get off my lawn" villain.

Overall, a big win for Obama, in my mind.

However, this likely means that McCain will get even more desperate than he was with the Ayers Hail Mary from a couple days ago. I'm curious about what the McCain camp will try this time, but I am confident that Obama will be up to the task of defending it.

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