Friday, October 3, 2008

Palin's "Big Score?"

This morning, feeling good about last night's debate between Joe Biden and Sarah Palin, I sent a list of the 10 Lies of John McCain by Politico's Alexander Burns, to a few of my Republican friends, just for fun.

In reponse, one the more zealous among my GOP acquaintances fired back:
Why is it always after a big republican score ( LAST NITE'S DEBATE ), you get so offensive?
My response:
Big Score? That's an exaggeration, to be generous.

I'll grant you that Palin probably reached some people with her folksy charm (i.e. "heckuva, doggone it, darn right, etc."), and I'll grant you that she helped piece back together some of her image following the disastrous interviews with Couric and Gibson, and so she may have earned a few "political" points with those votes she already owned, but if we're talking debate, Biden won.

Many times, most notably when she was asked the question about mortgage assistance, Palin said something like, "I'm not going answer that question; I'd rather talk about energy." She was clearly coached to stay away from problem areas. She repeated talking points which by the end of the night were a well-beaten dead horse.

Palin, early on, did pretty well I'll admit. She connected with Joe Six-Pack. But by the end Biden calmly defeated her.

As McCain gives up on Michigan and New Hampshire looks to be the next concession, I grow somewhat more confident.

However, I'm sure in the next week my nausea will return, delivered by another Hail Mary pass thrown by McCain which will, at first, appear to be a real threat but which will, in the end, be confidently counter-measured by Obama. Each time I think McCain's weasel ways might work, Obama comes through by taking the higher ground.
I received a quick reply from this friend, which I want to note here:
I disagree with your comments......but, I'm a realist as you know.....and...unfortunately OBAMA will win
So, here, we have even the staunchest of believers conceding defeat in early October, this coming from a man who is among the George W. Bush 20-something %. Shocking.

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