Wednesday, October 8, 2008

This is what happens when you don't let the press get close to you...

They get close to you anyway (see photo). They do what they want. They should. That is their job.

Just ask Britney and her London broil exiting a car last year.

[alternate headline] Palin finally succumbs to press, offering nasty details to Newsweek...

Of course, none of these details were in the form of words. Rather this close-up shot of Palin give us the particulars, well, the particulars inhabiting her face, anyway. The Republicans are screaming bloody murder at the atrocity.

The Nani has yet to see the actual cover, but there are rumors of facial hair, open pores, ear wax, bloody boogers, tartar, gingivitis, colored iris implants, follicle implants, and a Michael Jackson nose job. There's probably more, but I need to go throw up.

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