Sunday, August 31, 2008

I hope this is true
Check out this story. I really hope this is true.


Rodney "Hot Rod" Lincoln said...

Ordinarily, I would say that this kind of thing is off limits. But the GOP has put this in play by lauding Palin for having a Down's baby - believe it or not, it is one of the top justifications for her candidacy (if you don't believe me, try talking to a conservative). If it's a lie, it's relevant. If her story is true, the rumors are easy enough to refute (btw ....I'm waiting!).

Circumstantially, there are a lot of oddities about her pregnancy, not the least of which is that her daughter (the one rumored to be the real mother) was absent from school for at least 5 months for having mono.

The Hot Rodette, who is not cynical at all and barely political, is beyond skeptical about Palin - especially the story of giving a speech and then taking an 8+ hour flight back to Alaska AFTER her water broke. The Hot Rodette isn't buying that for a minute. And as a teacher who has had students that have come down with mono, also doubts the 5 month absence story.

This, I'm actually sorry to say, is a legitimate question.

Nani J. Cootsack said...

Agreed, Rod. Like you, I am a little reticent to publish the poll: "Who do you think birthed Trig?"

If somehow the conspiracy theory is proven correct, then the logical next question is: "Who sired the child?"

My fingers are on the poll triggers...