Thursday, August 28, 2008

Political Miscellany

1. In a previous post about Cindy McCain (a/k/a the Plastered Trollop), I posed the following question about her consistant characterization of herself as an only child:
the question remains: why would Cindy McCain continue to lie and deny the existence of her half-sister?

I mean, really - to what end?
That sister, it appears, is an Obama supporter.

Mystery solved.

2. Obamanomics: this article is long and therefore a time-killer, but very, very interesting.

3. Find out how much of a tax cut you will get under Obama's plan, here.

4. Hey John McCain: this isn't a celebrity endorsement you can believe in!! What? Paris and Britneeeey not returning your calls anymore, Johnny?

As the young people say: "LOL."

As the young people further say: "OMG!"

After all, Daddy Yankee (whoever the fuck he is) first sought to endorse Barack Obama. Due to his assault charge and racy lyrics, Obama turned him down. So he runs into the open arms of John McCain, who never met a political gimmick he didn't love.

Why was I speaking in text messages a paragraph ago? Because it's all so, what's the word ...... the word that characterizes John McShameless's whole campaign?


It's like being in high school again. It's like going out with your sworn enemy's ex-girlfriend to whom you otherwise wouldn't give the time of day, just to piss him off.

Frankly, I'd like to say, "Daddy Yankee, you got played," but damn it, I know it's the other way around. This schmuck just got put on the map.

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