Monday, August 25, 2008

This guy I saw at at Reagan National who flew two rows behind me to O'Hare

Nani found himself at Reagan National airport the other day reminiscing about the last time he was there and saw James Carville. Nani thought that was pretty cool - Carville was wearing some blue jeans, some Pro-Wings tennis shoes, and a non-descript t-shirt.

Well this time around it may have been the antithesis of Carville at Reagan National. Contrasting the skinny, skull-face was a 6'1'' mega-hulk with biceps the size Carville's bald cranium, and a mini-mullet straight outta Covington, Kentucky, circa 1989. His sweet main looked a lot less like the kid to the right (just wanted to fit that boy in somehow), and a lot more like Bash Brother Jose Canseco [Hey Jose, how did that 1990 World Series turn out? Not as good as your sweet locks].

Anyway, back to Reagan National. So this guy who looked like the son of Jose Canseco and Janet Reno was wearing a John McCain t-shirt. Over the t-shirt was a fishing vest, I was hoping sans-gutting knife. The McCain t-shirt was tucked neatly into bright yellow SpongeBob SquarePants, umm, pants, which themselves were tucked nicely into some black hiking boots.

Okay, that's a weird look right? But nothing to write home about, or this blog about.

The cherry on top was that this guy was toting some carry-on luggage. But hey, so was I as well as everyone else on the flight; what's the big deal?

His baggage, probably more metaphorical than the baggage I could see, was a plastic tackle box - you might remember the first one you had as a kid - a little smaller than a shoe box. Okay, a little weird, I know. It gets better. The tackle box was fastened with clear masking tape to a Compton's World Atlas; that's right, an encyclopedic geographical volume.

My friend looked like he was either crazy or an Obama supporter touring the nation in a ridiculous outfit to make McCain look bad. The "I Suck at Photoshop" effort on the right should give you an idea of what he looked like.

Anyway, he boarded the plane ahead of me and sat about two rows behind me. I had visions of box cutters inside that tackle box. I had subsequent visions of Nani scissor kicking dude in the neck all the way from the window seat. Alas, Nani is not a soothsayer.

I fell asleep and never heard a peep out of the guy, but I couldn't help but feel I'd done my civic duty in remaining post-9/11 vigilant. "Take your family to Disney World, but remain vigilant," they said. Well, Chicago is Disney Land to some (those suckers from Gary) and Nani was on guard.

So, maybe this isn't the best blog post ever and maybe me being bitten on Saturday night by a dog was the karma preemptively striking me, but I had to get this off Nani's chest.

Actually the dog bite might explain the lack of coherence in this post.

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