Friday, August 29, 2008

!!!TTT ALERT!!! Terror Level is CODE RED! Repeat, CODE RED!

Tricky Trailers, be on high alert! The TTT secret surveillance security system picked up this horrific image at the rear entrance to our lair.

It appears that two, heavily-armed, covert operatives with extremely sinister intentions have breached our secure perimeter.

As of this moment, Conway Bangs has been relieved of his duties as High Minister of Trailhead Security due to his unilateral insistence that we fortify our stronghold with corn husks. In his place, serving as interim minister, Nani has appointed Shamus O'Toole, the relatively unknown governor of Alaska and former Miss Wasilla 1984.

What's that, Shamus? This isn't you? Oh, it's someone named Sarah Palin, and she's been named running mate of John McCain? What's that you say? Sarah Palin is famous for not being a 1,000-year old white guy and a Republican at the same time? You don't say! What's that? Sarah Palin once lied to her husband about a shopping trip to Costco and instead, admittedly smelling of salmon, drove to an Anchorage JC Penney's to get an autograph from Ivana Trump? (Anchorage Daily News, April 3, 1996 - yes, Nani did his own research)

Thanks for the insight, Shamus. Glad you're aboard.

As for you, Sarah Palin, put on some clothes!

Unless, of course, Senator McCain plans on volunteering you, too, for the Sturgis Miss Buffalo Chip contest like he did for wife Cindy.

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