Sunday, September 21, 2008

David v. Goliath

New York be the site of another crisis today. This time however, it will be a crisis of confidence in the visiting Cincinnati Bengals who take on the defending Super Bowl champs, New York Giants.

For all those denizens of Who Dey Nation who have been asking themselves, "how bad is the season going to get?" tune into CBS today at 1 PM.

Your answer awaits.

There is a sliver of hope for the Bengals. In week one, they managed a field goal on offense. In week two, they actually scored an offensive touchdown. You see a pattern here? That's right, the Bengals are on pace for 10 points today, and, with enough lucky bounces and $100 handshakes with the referees, perhaps as many as 14.

Maybe the Bengals should hire Sarah Palin's Kenyan witch-doctor spiritual advisor to lay hands on the team and pray, "Lord, make a way!"

But while Jesus loves sinners and everything, I don't think God is going to touch the Cincinnati Bengals with a ten foot pole. We are utterly on our own, kind of like everyone not named "Noah" during the great flood.*

(*) Twelve years of Catholic education, all so I could write a paragraph in a blog post like that.

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