Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Sarah Palin Files, Pt. 34

Seriously, how stupid does John McCain think:

(a) we are;
(b) the press is;
(c) Rodney "Hot Rod" Lincoln is;
(d) our friends at Operation Sarracuda are; and
(e) self-respecting Republicans* are.

Yeah, you can take, print, and broadcast pictures of neophyte Palin meeting her first world leaders (but don't use the word "first"), but you can't ask her any questions or listen to what she's saying.

I mean, the utter contempt for voters on display is breathtaking in scale.

Sadly, there will be Republicans who will mount a spirited defense to all this bullshit. My hope for them is that they got a good price from Satan for their souls. Contemptible fucking bastards.

(*) Self-respecting Republicans, like Sasquash, are rumored to exist, but mostly they are an urban legend.

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