Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Sarah Palin Files, Pt. 33

Even the AP knows bullshit when it steps in it:

ANCHORAGE, Alaska (AP) — Less than a week after balking at the Alaska Legislature's investigation into her alleged abuse of power, Gov. Sarah Palin on Monday indicated she will cooperate with a separate probe run by people she can fire.

An attorney for the GOP vice presidential nominee met with an investigator for the state Personnel Board to discuss sharing documents and schedule witness interviews, McCain spokeswoman Meg Stapleton said.

As explained by the locals on why this "separate" investigation by the Alaska personnel board is a farcical charade:

The bottom line:

Bipartisan, unanimously endorsed, Palin-sanctioned investigation by the Alaska State Legislature


Republican, 3-member board, governor appointed, working directly for Palin, McCain sanctioned investigation.

You make the call.

Gaming the system to avoid real accountability? How maverick-y!

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