Friday, September 26, 2008

TTT Guest Correspondent on Location: "The Breeders and The National Set to Play for Obama in Cincinnati, FOR FREE!

A friend of the TTT sends this fine information:
Haven't quite figured out whether The T3 is for or against this Obama fella I've been hearing about on Channel 1 lately, but noteworthy in itself is local-boys-done-well The National melting faces for free on our very own former hotbed of Klan activity, Fountain Square. The Breeders have written some jamz, too.

Fightin' the good fight a hop, skip, and a jump from Parker Flats.

Not sure if this is Trail-worthy, but there it is.
Please keep the good news coming. Now I head home, hopefully with enough petrol in the tank to make it, to prep for the debate.

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Andy said...

Who is this phantom guest correspondent? He sounds smart, funny, and handsome.