Monday, September 22, 2008

Imbiciles on Motorcycles

This seals the deal. I am never watching American Chopper again. And if there was any possible way for me to put back the 3.5 episodes I have watched, I'd do it right now.

Aggregate cast IQ: 95.

Pertinent questions:

Is this show still on the air? Why?

How did this show ever get on the air?

Did anyone watch more than the 3.5 episodes I did, or do I hold the record for most shows watched?

I fully realize (and am demoralized by the fact that) the answer to the last question can only be provided if American Chopper enjoys a Phish-like following: i.e., where guys with dreadlocks who routinely skipped their college statistics class to get high are compiling and cross-tabulating statistics on set lists, song appearance frequency, number of shows attended, number of bootlegs swapped, number of drugs consumed, etc. (in the case of Phish shows), or number of design flaws, number of manufacturing flaws overcome, number of father-son arguments, number of flame paint jobs versus stencil-line design paint jobs on the chopper gas tank, and so forth (in the case of American Chopper).

Anyone know of someone doing this? Who's got my miracle?

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