Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Wow, where to begin? I think we’re finally seeing the shakeout of years (probably decades) of total incompetence in our national leadership. Both parties, both Houses of Congress, the White House, lobbyists, everyone is to blame. There is no clear vision of any national plan only a patchwork of special interest policies. We are in many ways better off having no policy than a horribly broken one. This can apply to not just the housing and financial debacle but national energy policy, immigration, national security… pretty much anything the federal government touches. It would be nice if the federal government would get focused on what it is supposed to do (I know this is broad but I’m thinking large national interests like an energy plan as opposed to worrying about whether gay people get married or education policy for that matter) since it has trouble even doing its most basic functions. That’s why I get concerned when I hear Obama and McCain talk about all these new federal government programs they are going to create. Let’s first master the basics of governing before we expand into new areas such as health care.

Speaking of Obama. I think his Bush 44 campaign against McCain is lame and doesn’t work. Anyone with half a brain can see Bush is an anomaly of incompetence even for politicians. People I talk to aren’t buying that argument. Obama is much better served by talking in general about the failings of Republican economic policies. People are much more receptive to that argument. After all what was it again we didn’t like about Bill Clinton, was it the peace or prosperity? When folks hear McCain is just another Bush they don’t buy it and the message of trickle down doesn’t work gets lost. Just a little advice from an undecided…

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