Friday, September 12, 2008

Is Socialism the "new black"?

With the nationalisation of Fannie and Freddie last weekend, it might be fair to say that Putins soul wasn't the only thing Bush saw on that fateful day.
According to The Times :-
"This was, after all, the biggest expropriation of private property undertaken by a government outside the former communist world, yet there was absolutely no protest, nor even discussion, about the terms imposed by the US Treasury. But what is even more significant is that nobody in American politics or business objected to this anti-capitalist coup."
Or did American politics and big business have a bigger fish to fry.......... a pig in lipstick maybe?

The trend continues though......
"An early sign of which way the wind is blowing will come from a vote in Congress later this month on a request from General Motors and Ford for $25 billion in subsidised government loans to support their investment programmes through the energy and housing crunch. A few months ago such a request, which would, of course, be illegal under EU state aid rules, would have been unthinkable. Today, however, the question in Congress is not whether to grant this subsidy; it is whether to leave it at $25 billion or raise it $50 billion, as both Barack Obama and John McCain now propose."

Maybe the US isn't as Conservative as the republicans would have us believe. POWER TO THE PEOPLE! Long live Che!

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