Monday, September 22, 2008

The Latest on George Michael

On Friday, George Michael, formerly of Conway Bangs' favorite band, "WHAM!" was arrested in a public toilet down the way from his English mansion where gay men are known to meet up for sex (calling Sen. Larry Craig (R- Id.)) in possession of crack cocaine and marijuana. He was arrested, taken to the police station and given a "caution," and has now declared that he's sorry about the whole incident. And that's it. No further legal problems.

Christ almighty - the jokes write themselves on this one!

My only question is when is John McCain's campaign going to release an ad blaming Barack Obama for this? That would really rile up the radical right. At least until some a member of Sarah Palin's family gets caught doing exactly the same thing, at which point the religious leaders of this country will deem it a "blessed event."


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